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This is the personal webpage of Andie Gilmour.

I am a seasoned IT professional who together with my partner and cats upped sticks from the UK in 2008 and moved to live just north of Berlin.

Why did we make such a momentous move? Surely we must have been crazy? As the traditional song goes: Du Bist Verrückt, mein Kind, du musst nach Berlin, wo die Verrückten sind!

Well yes, we were crazy - crazy about Berlin. There is no city like it, and Land Brandenburg around it is also a beautiful thing.

On this page I have incorporated the most recent posts from my blog, which has chronicalled our move to Berlin and our lives and discoveries since. I hope you read it and can share with us our love for this crazy place.

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Andie Gilmour


das Blog

A blog by Andie Gilmour about two Brits & four cats moving to Berlin and living at the heart of Europe. With advice on surviving in Germany, and where to visit and especially photograph. Plus occasional blogs about music, food, and films.

Lichterfeld Visitors Centre for Brown-coal Mining

Whilst cycling around Niederlausitz on the way to Finsterwalde we called in at the Besucherwerk (visitor's mine) Lichterfeld to see again the awesomely gigantic Abraumförderbrücke F60.

I have blogged about this titanic brown-coal digging machine previously, but as we were passing, we thought we'd call in again (but not do the guided tour climbing the length of the F60). Entrance for just the visitor exhibition and cafe and a good view of the F60 is 2€ by the way, plus they let us take our cycles into the area.

Here are a few more of my photos of the digger, though they cannot possibly do justice to how enormous this thing is:









This is the kind of machine that created landscapes like this near Cottbus., but which are now being flooded to make beautiful lakes in the so-called 'Lusatian Lake District'.

Posted on 21 August 2014 | 2:03 am

Caterpillars and Nettles

More caterpillars in the garden - hundreds of them! All over the nettles!

They are really cute though, and quite welcome to eat as many nettles (German: Brennnesseln literally burning nettles) as they want.

These are the caterpillars of the gorgeous peacock butterfly (Latin: Inachi io), and have managed to evolve a resistance to the nettle's cocktail of stinging chemicals and acids. Consequently, they are probably pretty distasteful to birds, and display vicious-looking black spikes and white eye-like shapes along their bodies warning that they are not to be eaten.

They look pretty advanced, and will very soon turn into chrysalises. Then, in about a fortnight, our garden will hopefully be full of peacock butterflies!

Posted on 14 August 2014 | 9:46 am

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